Why is the default Fenlon scale so different to the original maps?

NZgunnerNZgunner Traveler

Pete Fenlon's original ICE/MERP maps that the CC style is based on was 20 miles to the inch or 25.4 mm.

The size of map elements on these maps, like towns and cities, are only 2 or 3 mm across.

The default map in CC wants to be 920 by 720 map units/miles, and the scalebar defaults to 100 miles, and the symbols are scaled to be five times larger than they appear on the original maps.

I can just change the scalebar to read 20 miles instead of 100 and the proportions then look right, but I then lose the distance tool.

I've read the scale matters article which helps explain some of the counterintuitive behaviour of CC, ie increasing the size of the map in map units makes symbols bigger rather than smaller, so I sort of understand how everything works - although it seems like veering away too much from the defaults is quite fiddly. I've also noticed that if I specify a smaller map unit setting when starting a new map in that style (and also one or two others) roads always end up being way too wide.

I'm not complaining about the way scaling is handled in CC, that's just a design decision - but it surprises me that a style like Fenlon which has many pre-existing maps, wasn't set up so that the default scale gives you maps as close to the originals as possible.

(it's obviously doable as there's a great example of what I'd like to do here - I just don't know how to do it)


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