Troy Map for Game

Hey all!

Happy Autumn/Fall/Spring etc...

Here's an update map of what I've been working on:

I'd appreciate any critique.



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    Nice. At first I thought it was fir the ancient battle of Troy, but then I saw the Montana at the end. What sort of game is it?

  • Thanks, everybody.

    It's post-apocalyptic Earth set in the US. GM is using 5E rules for it. Basically, the Solar System has entered a region of space where the laws of physics have changed so that magick works, supernatural creatures exist and so on. Fun, so far heh heh.



  • Hey all,

    Just to add to this:

    1: Forgot to turn off 'restrict to map border' so the roads get wonky at the edge of the map. So, working with /stretch/ operation to fix those errors

    2: I followed the map exactly. This means, you'll find dirt roads right up against the paved ones (who knows why; it's Montana), so I'll need a way to fix those areas. I'll probably just take artistic license and alter these roads as seems logical.

    3: Any remaining 'straight lines' on the forest will be dealt with.

    4: I dislike the water fill on this style; therefore, going to advert to one of the ones Ms. Sue has created.

    5: Unsure whether I should show the building blocks ala watabou style or not (the map is in this style).

    I'd appreciate any advice



  • Why is the cataract coloured purple - some deadly algae bloom? (like the pink lakes in Australia)

  • Heh! Well, it's a flow of essence, basically magick. A ley line just depicted visually as normally these cannot be seen. GM wanted it that color. I guess to stand out? Anyway, normal humans in the game cannot see this at all.


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