• Very nice.

    You've made the SS6 bonus cliffs look organic and natural - something I struggle with. Did you invert some of them for the effect?

    Also: what did you use to extend the wooden pillars supporting the bridge?

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    Hy @EukalyptusNow !

    The cliffs were not reversed. I just maximized their size. I also have a lot of problems with them, because they look very "hard" visually. I miss the Mike Schlei style of negative cliffs, like someone looking from the bottom up.

    As for the extensions of the bridge, I used the tree trunk from the monthly lumberjack symbol > tree trunk without branches. I hid it in the back after the bridge was already made... so I needed to create a specific Sheet for it. Later, I tried to hide the joints with some vegetation.

    Also note that on the bridge, I created a sheet just to put some sand on top and give it a more "used" look and notice that on the green sheet of the upper greens, I added an internal glow with a brownish color to differentiate it from the floor below (river) and try to achieve the effect of a ravine.

    P.s.: Lower Cliff lines are imported from Sue Richards Darkland Style


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