• I like the stairs going to the dock. Its a nice small touch

    roflo1JimPRicko Hasche
  • Me too. :) The dirt tracks in the center of the roads are nice too.

    Are those stairs from a Perspectives style?

    So far, I've only used barrels and other small decorative items from Perspectives with SS6, but the stairs might be an easier solution than manually creating stairs out of blocks / stone piers.

    JimPRicko Hasche
  • edited September 2023

    the stairs were the easiest solution considering that isometric cities do not have stairs (wood/stone). Perhaps the easiest thing for Sue Richard Darkland's Cliffs to match with the Temple of Bones (@EukalyptusNow ) stairs was the fact that they shared the similar color tone.

    The dirty roads are from mike schley isometric city with edge fade inner and less inner opacity %. I thought about using barrels to decorate the markets, but proportionally they seemed too small and would pollute the image more than they would add detail value, so they were discarded.

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