Installation troubles / folder issues

Hey all,

I recently attempted to install CC3+ on my new laptop. It's something I've done before on my desktop and previous laptop, and I didn't anticipate any troubles. Installed CC3+ first, then the major expansions like DD and CD, then the symbol sets and annuals.

I prefer to install to my D:\ drive instead of C:, which I've also never had an issue doing before.

Unfortunately this time, something went wrong. Symbols were missing in about half of the sets that I installed, when I hit "open" it's looking at my c:\program files (x86)\Profantasy directory instead of the D:\Profantasy folder I created (and I've confirmed, that's where it actually installed). I'm not seeing the .ini file to be able to move my assets folder away from c:\ProgramData, and it was just overall weird.

I figured I'd start from scratch, so I uninstalled absolutely everything and just installed CC3+ again. I had a bad feeling when it automatically had my serial in there already when I went to reinstall. Sure enough, it looks like it may have saved some settings somewhere - I'm not sure if that's a registry thing or resources somewhere else.

Any advice as to how to do a completely clean uninstall so I can really start from scratch? Or any other advice would be welcome. Thanks!


  • Solved my own problem. If anyone else runs into anything similar in the future, there are some registry entries for FCW.EXE that I had to delete, and installation seems to have succeeded after that. Now on to the addons. :)

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