Grand Duchy of Cimmetra: Ancient Realms with Heraldry

So, this is a continuation of the world mapping project I began a few months ago using the 13th Age Revisited style. I took onboard a lot of the suggestions people made for those maps, and one of the regional maps which came out of it was this:

The party's campaign is focusing on Cimmetra, and rather than stick with the broad-brush continental region map, I decided to something more nation-scale, falling back on the Ancient Realms style (which is one of my favourite looks for an overland map). I also wanted to delineate (vaguely) the regions within Cimmetra in terms of heraldry (the players are getting a companion document which outlines the noble houses in question), so I fell back on Cartographer's Annual Vol. 2's Heraldic Symbols style.

Obviously the setting required some alternative/bespoke textures and a little bit of photoshopping to make them work, but I'm fairly happy with the outcome. All in all, it took about a day:

As always, all feedback gratefully received!

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