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hey there. not sure if this is a watabou issue or export/convert issue. i cannot seem to find the right setting to get the maps to import in a format that is usable. see my attachment. any advice is welcome.



  • It is a Watabou issue with the svg export. He must be using a different app, or else he is using just lines and not polygons. I don't know if the wizards Ralf or Momsen can help

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  • I did experience the same issue some time ago. I didn't manage to solve it but I didn't try really hard 😅

  • This is the convertor I used. I don't remember a problem.

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    We need a SVG to DXF converter Jim. The one Ralf suggested only gives separate lines, not polygons anymore; and I have tried two others with no luck.

    What I have been doing is export the cities with thin lines only, and definitely no trees. The area by area, picking the outlines of houses, and using Line to Path, and Path to Polygon. It mostly works. You have to get rid of a lot of lines used to delineate areas though. I might do a follow-up tutorial on it. But if Ralf or Monsen can come up with something easier, that would be great.

  • Are saying the converters have changed ?

    I ask because the OP didn't mention svg to dxf. The link I posted is the one I used for my watabou Annual mapping.

  • The manual for the Watabou City states the need for a SVG to DXF converter.

    "Converting SVG to DXF Format.

    We now need to convert the SVG format into a vector graphics format that CC3+ can read, for example DXF format (Autodesk’s open interchange format for CAD drawings). Fortunately there are a number of free online converters available for this purpose. I am using CloudConvert, a simple, quick and easy web tool. Simply upload the SVG file you just saved, click “Start Conversion”, then download the resulting DXF file."

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