EDIT command (How to view/change path and filename of inserted file?)

Hello, I need help with Campaign Cartographer 3. I posted this on another forum:

"I renamed the imported file [Click menu->Draw->Insert File] in File Explorer without realizing it would break the link in CC3. Now instead of the hand drawing I have a big red 'X'. Is there a way to view the properties/path/name of the inserted file so I can re-associate the file to the new file name?"

And got this reply:

"Use the EDIT command (I can never remember what obscure place in the UI it hides under), click on your image, and you'll get a dialog that includes the path to your image.

My biggest single gripe with the Campaign Cartographer series is that it's so very non-discoverable. I can't browse the menu to see all of the same options that I can get to on the toolbars and I never seem able to remember that you can right-click on the toolbar buttons to get additional menus because there is absolutely no visual feedback about that. Command-line entries are, of course, pretty much undiscoverable by design...

For fastest service with questions on ProFantasy products, they do have a forum at https://forum.profantasy.com and there are usually folks there who can answer questions more quickly than I am likely to do."

My problem:

I am using the "Edit Properties" button, but I am unable to click on the image to bring up the dialog with the path/filename of the file. Is the "Edit Properties" button the same as the EDIT command?



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