Galangar - The City of Gold and Red

"Never go to Galangar without Gold, lest you become part of the Red"

The idea of building slightly India/ Eastern-inspired SS6 city had been in my mind for a while.

Made this sketch while on vacation and used it as a first trace:

After a bit of fiddling around (the stairs took a bit of effort), I've now arrived at this:

(Red is the colour, the emperor has assigned to all businesses participating in the "bloody" slave trade).

The only thing still missing would be clouds, apart from minor embellishments and maybe a small map key.

I've used a blurred water texture for the sky in the background and my current plan is to use layers of blurred / transparent / edge-faded white/ gray / snow texture rounded polygons for the clouds.

Any suggestions for better clouds or other finishing touches?

(And yes, I'd appreciate more Eastern - style SS6 content. And stairs! ;-) ).

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  • Looks good.

    Obviously, the Empire of the Sun Annual would work nicely for a map of this kind, based on your sketched style, but that wouldn't provide nearly so many building/structure options. For clouds, you might try the cloud symbols in the Alyssa Faden Annual. I'm not sure there are other separate cloud symbol options, although SS6 does have some chimney smoke plumes (they look a bit too smoke-plume specific to be ordinary clouds, however, unsurprisingly!).

    Might be worth thinking of moving the mountains further back overall, as they don't look quite right where they are now; too sharp and clear. Maybe add a misty vale in between the building and mountains/trees, and/or just add some mist (transparent irregular polygons of white/pale grey) to fade them a little, and give the impression they're more distant.

  • Her cloud symbols are the only ones I've seen in all the Annuals.

  • Thanks to both of you. I just noticed I don't have the Alyssa Faden Annual.

    I've also noticed I had missed something very obvious: Mike Schley Overland has clouds... 🤗

    I've also applied a very light gray transparent layer over the montains and "trees supposed to be farther away".

    I'll take another look after I've slept. If I don't find anything else to improve, I'll upload the large version.

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  • Final Update:

    A mountain to fill the blank piece of sky and some small detail bits for the streets.

    Large version is in my gallery. Have a great weekend! :)

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