[WIP] Port City Map - Watabou to Ferraris Style

So my current project is taking a Watabou City Generator map of a port city metropolis, and adapting it to the Ferraris annual style. The challenge here's two-fold. First, I want to make a tiered city, with the sea-facing docks in the basin, the urban settlement mid-tier, and the farmsteads and suburbs at the highest level. Second, it needs to be a large, abstract city which can believably hold 35-40,000 people - so detailed-building city styles like the MS (which is my general go-to) are just too detailed.

This is the Watabou-generated 35,000-population port city I opted to use as a basis (14,000ft by 7,400ft):

And here's what I've got so far as a WIP:

You'll notice a little splash of green in the middle - that was just proof-of-concept for using Colorize effects and layers for buildings to differentiate between the city's various districts - deep green for the riverside docks, light green for the farmsteads, red for the military district, etc.

All input gratefully received!

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