Tatilana - Western Sergeevna

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This is a quick map made in the new Silverman style (thank you Dan), showing a civilized area of the focus region for our new world. Not many labels.

This is the area I got from my master map

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  • This is the definitive style I am using for this focal area.

    Forests etc, and text to be added, and kingdom borders to be added

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    A Male Sergeevnan, done with Character Artist, hue changed in Photoshop.

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    And the female. The race is supposed to have black hair, blue eyes and red skin, suitable for the tropics. Tall and slim.

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    Update. The style is getting more to what I want. I have altered the mountain contours, and added ethnic groups, plus national borders, some forests and a marsh, and some more names.

    Sorry for the small text, but it is meant to be viewed at a larger canvas. When I have finished the text, I will put a 8Mb version in the gallery.

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  • Further progress, with forests and marshes all added. no need to add other terrian - such as scrub abd farmland. and there are no deserts. I think the mountains to the east show snow covered ranges OK.

    Feedback welcome, as always.

    text to complete.

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    The Wallori (Dungidau Australian Aboriginal - each name means something in that language)

    I am having fun with the names. Here is the Wallaroo (Aboriginal) land (the spelling in the map will be changed). The names are from the Dingadau language, in the district i used to live in when I loved near Brisbane. The language was written down by a white settler in the region who really loved the local aboriginal people there.

    Mimburi means a bora ring - a sacred circle for dancing (corroboree); Imarbara means Blue gum, a tall straight gum tree with white bark.

    There are three adventure areas, marked with an orange triangle - Gayae temple (Frog temple); Minyom Fort ( magical black stone Fort); and Birbi Caverns (boomerang Caverns).

  • The Rajali (Hindi) lands, with Midnadolya being a mixed race nation of Rajali and Sergeevnans (Ukrainian). The Hindi names mainly don't mean anything, but the Ukrainian ones do. Again, the adventure areas are mapped as orange triangles, and I will be doing maps for these at a later date.

  • The nation of Kedrova, a very jingoistic Sergeevnan land, paranoid about the intentions of its northern neighbour, Ruslana

    There are ice giants, witches and dragons in the hinterland.

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    A female of the Rajali ethnic group - sort of Indian type culture, not identical. I am using Sue's Spectrum overland symbols as background

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    And the last pair of ethnic groups in this region, the Wallaroo. First, the man - muscular and short, as are the women

  • The last of the regions detailed - the republic of Ruslana. Mainly Slavic (Ukrainian, of course) names

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