Overland Map - Crystalpeak Range

Hello everyone,

First time posting here, hope I get it right.

I haven't done any DMing or mapmaking for over a year now, but I've just started my first Pathfinder 1E campaign and needed a new map for it. The biggest problem I found when I finished it was the contours of the forests with the mountains, but I focused on speed rather than perfection. I also actively decided against any kind of scale, so that I could freestyle the distances and days it would take to get to a location.

Style & Icons: Ancient Realms

Any feedback is welcome.

P.S. Not sure if I can post more pictures here, but this is basically the current plot for the game:

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    Hi Kopjeagga :)

    All looks to be in order, and a fine pair of maps. They don't look like first attempts so I presume you aren't also a first time mapper.

    As long as the images you post are in some way related to the thread there's never usually a problem. I do a lot of development threads for new styles, and end up with more inspiration images and sketches than maps in those. The only thing to be wary of is posting someone else's copyrighted work, but usually in those cases it's easy enough to give a link to that work so it can be viewed on the artist's page.

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