Inn for Japanese inspired adventures

This is another copy map, taken from Oriental Adventures OA2 "Night of the Seven Swords".

It's an inn with stables and a tea house, set in AD&D's version of feudal Japan.

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  • thehawkthehawk Surveyor
    That is very well done, even down to the placement of the trees! Brings back memories of good times - and yes, I did have to go dig out the documents and flip through the pages for a bit.

    What do you use for the template? I can never seem to find that one when I am looking through the 'new' menus.
  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer

    even down to the placement of the trees!

    Actually, that large tree in the top left looks to be a square to far to the left :)

    Wonderful seeing these old maps converted to a more modern format (Although the old ones are nice too). Maybe some more furnishings in the rooms would be nice though?

  • @thehawk Hi, the map is made with Mike Schley Dungeon Designer SS4.

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