Northwestern Midstad - A local area map for Splittermond

Wanted to create a more detailed local area map for our next Splittermond sessions, because one of our characters knows the area very well and there's a high likelyhood of overland chases.

Used the official in game map from the Witch Queen adventures as base and added details until I was happy with the result.

Style used is Mike Schley Overland.

A larger version is in my gallery.

Have a great Sunday! :)

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    Here are the first two villages on the Northwestern backroad.

    Weidling, with an emptied but still used temple of the banned witch-goddess:

    And Föhrenberg, where there's recently been a bit of unrest.

    Larger versions are in my gallery - as usual.

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  • Dunkelbach and a nearby farm, where our group will most likely have the first direct confrontation with the villain and his henchmen.

    I've moved back to placing individual trees instead of the forest fill because I wanted to show the different ground colours / height levels.

    Larger versions are in my gallery. Have a great Sunday! :)

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  • nice stone details. very beatiful

  • FrostyFrosty Traveler

    Does look amazing.. I feel like more of the trees should be touching / overlapping. I agree with it can look better not using the fill..but when I first looked at it I thought it was a Christmas tree farm because it was too neat. The fields the village the walls love it. Need to see how to make wheat fields that look like that.

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    Thank you both

    And I agree that a thicker tree cover with more overlap usually looks better.

    I just wanted to give at least a bit of an impression about different height levels and for that, I needed the ground to be visible. Damned if you do, damned if you don't ...

    Still have one map to go, before the campaign probably moves elsewhere. We'll see.

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  • And here's the possibly final map for this chapter of our Chronicle.

    My group was quicker than me finishing the map. They arrived, saw that the villain had been there before them (the corpse of the quest giver was...well ... a dead giveaway) and left in a hurry.

    Finished the map anyway, as they might return later.

    A larger version is in my gallery. And now I finally have a bit of "leisure map-playtime" :-).

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