Live Mapping - Playing with Trains

In this session, I'll play with trains. We'll lock at creating the track, as well as create a nice railroad car suitable for a battlemap.

As usual, you can find the time in your local timezone in the left sidebar. Visit the stream over at YouTube to join in on the chat.

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  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    30 minute shout :)

  • I watch on my computer big screen, and listen to my cellphone on youtube.

  • Is it raining there ?

  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    That's just the recording that Remy uses before the real start of the stream ;)

  • ScottAScottA Surveyor

    I never manage to make it to the live streaming, so I watch the videos later at night when the house is quiet and I can just relax at my desk. I'm really excited about this one. We desperately need more non-fantasy symbols and annual sets. Don't get me wrong, all the fantasy stuff is great, but there's very little "real world" or horror material, and there is, I would suspect, a large call for it with the popularity of games like Call of Cthulhu (but then I'm biased with that one! lol).

    LoopysueRicko HascheJimP
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  • Can we use this discussion to comment on the Rails & Trains blog which seems to be based on this video? I like how the video goes from the basic principals to more advanced techniques but I sometimes have trouble keeping up.
  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer

    Yea, sure. I wrote the blog at the same time as I prepared for the video to intentionally have them go hand in hand. I hope to have part 2 of the blog ready in a little while

  • I've been doing a little research and came up with a few numbers if anyone is interested in more realism.
    1. The standard dimensions of a wooden sleeper is 7 inches x 8.5 feet. If you want to preserve the alignment of the wood grain the rectangle should be a shaded polygon aligned to the long edge with the "Shaded Copy" option.
    2. The minimum radius of the centerline for a curved track section should be 410 feet.
    3. The maximum width (or loading gauge) of a rail car should be 10'8".
    4. The minimum centerline separation between two parallel tracks is 13 feet with 15 feet being nominal and 20 feet allowing for signaling devices between tracks.
    I hope this will be helpful.
  • Sleeper 7 inches wide ? Shouldn't that be more like 3 feet ?

  • The standard length of a railroad tie (also known as a sleeper) is 8.5 feet, the height (mostly buried in the ground) is 9 inches and the width (measured parallel to the track) is 7 inches.
  • Oh, that kind of sleeper... I thought you meant train seat sleeper. Never mind.

  • DaltonSpenceDaltonSpence Mapmaker
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    Your comment got me thinking, then Googling and I came up with the Pullman Sleeper car.

  • I remember the Pullman being talked about when I was a kid, but I've never seen one.

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  • FrostyFrosty Traveler

    If your making the Map for VTT what you can also do is create the map of the railway etc but the train cars you could add as Tokens and move them o the Map Layer. The big advantage there is you can vary your train setup as you want and reuse the "Token Train Cars"

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