Symbol Catalog Doesn't Match PNG files

Hi Everyone, I hope you can help me.

I've been working on a map, and everything was going well. But suddenly, I'm having problems with the Symbol Catalog.

For one, the backgrounds are all wrong. They only take the value from my fill style. I had to use those because the actual backgrounds were empty. But now, they all use the FS:

For another, when I try to click on the Compass Rose for Mike Schley style, only the CC3 PNG file shows up:

Something must be corrupt, but I don't know how to figure this out.


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    Both of those are normal, if not immediately intuitive behavior.

    For the top one, notice those three are not symbols, they are drawing tools. Now, drawing tools only work properly in a map of the style they were designed for, and you seem to have a Mike Schley symbol catalog open, but your map is a CC3 Standard Overland. Since the appropriate fill styles (Mike Schley in this case) , the tools default to showing the currently selected FS instead of their configured one, since it can't display something that doesn't exist. If you want to use those tools in that map style, you must first import the appropriate fill styles.

    The second is down to how CC3+ identifies symbols in a map. Basically, it uses the name as a unique identifier, and if you place a symbol that already exists in a map, it will use the existing symbol. In this case, a compass rose with that name already exists in the map, so it uses the current one instead of the one from the symbol catalog (This is again down to using the wrong symbol style for the style of your map). You can fix this by either deleting the old compass rose from the map first using symbol manager to remove the definition, or you can rename it, also in the symbol manager, and then the names won't conflict, and attempting to insert the new one will work. Of course, this is only needed for symbols where the names collide.

    Of course, considering your map isn't a Mike Schley one, my guess is that you just opened up the wrong catalog? You'll probably be wanting to use those that match the style of your map.

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  • Thank you so much! That did the trick.

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