Map made for a friend

One of my regular game group is a third grade teacher, and he's been doing the good work of instilling a love of TTRPGs in the next generation. He's gotten several lunch period groups going over the school year; to help his sanity and to allow the swapping of group memberships, he's cobbled together a campaign world that includes whatever locations he made up over the months. He gave me a super sketchy map, and I've made something in CC3+ so he can give print outs to his kids before they end the year.

Still a work in progress - my buddy is supposed to get me some original art to incorporate as symbols - but here's a reasonably late draft using the Mike Schley overland style.

I think my favorite part is that I get to use all the cool marginalia and interesting site symbols that I normally would shy away from on a "serious" map, but since this is for 8-year-olds, I can really lean into the "Wow that's cool!" symbol catalog and throw everything including the kitchen sink at it.

I'm also pretty happy with the misty clouds covering the Ineffable Isles. I synthesized that from several tutorials, and I think I managed something relatively effective.

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    That's really great. What a wonderful effort :)

    I know this is only a draft just yet, but if you want to soften the edges on those forests a bit and make them look a little less like a forestry plantation just dot a few single trees around the edges to break those hard lines up a bit. You don't need to go mad with it. Just a few will transform them and make it look like natural growth.

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