FT3 and CC3+ colouring

Hello all,

I have been looking all over for an answer, but I can't seem to find it...

The guide below seemed to explain how you can customise the colours of your FT3 export to CC3+, and explained that with the default settings, your export should look the same in CC3+ as it does in FT3.

But... it doesn't?

Even the first image in the guide shows two different colour schemes, and I seem to not have found how to convert the maps properly. I just really like the FT3 colour scheme and I want a map in CC3+ that matches that scheme. How can I export my map in a way that makes the colours match?

For reference: my maps in FT3 and CC3+:

And this is the guide I meant. Do I just misunderstand it?



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    What stage did you get to in the process, Lucas?

    I've never actually tried it myself because I've always had a lot of other more urgent things to do whenever I've remembered it, but as far as I understand it you set up a new FT3 export setting and export your map to CC3, then load one of the palettes André has very kindly provided on that link near the bottom.

  • Have you downloaded the file that is linked in the article (mentioned by Sue above)? It is the same file that I have attached to this message.

    The file contains one export file for FT3, namely 32 ColContours -32.000 ft 32.0000 ft.xptwhich can be found in the XPT folder. The file has to be copied to the Export folder (found in ProgramData\Profantasy\FT3\).

    In the PAL folder you will find several .pal files which have to be copied into the Palettes folder (found in ProgramData\Profantasy\CC3Plus). I recommend to create a new subfolder in the Palettes folder e.g. "32col" and place all the files in there.

    Then export your mat from FT3 by using the new export-file, then load the map into CC3+ and load one of the new colour palettes as described in the article.

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