A New In-World Map for My 5e Homebrew

It's been a while, but I finally dusted off CC3+ to make a map to share with my players.

I used my hex tile GM map as a guide, and drew over it with the "Classic Fantasy" set up from the 2015 annual. It's the first time I've used a guide sheet; I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I'm thinking about adding something to denote the sea, but otherwise I think it is done.

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    Good work :)

    Maybe the coastline can be made thicker, or the most pointy hills shrunk down to miniature size and used as waves? You could draw your own vector symbol waves, or if you have the latest annual issue (Ellis Prybylski Watercolour) there are wave symbols in that one.

    You could try a pale transparent shape over the sea to make it fractionally darker than the land, but it might look odd where this is a linework style.

    The effect around the labels is a little narrow to separate them from the black detail of the map, but it might be ok if the map is much larger than here.

  • Thanks for the feedback! I had the same thought about thickening the coastline. I like it better in the new version. I also went back to the original inspiration for the symbol pack and added thinner lines to indicate the water - I may tweak the thickness up just a bit.

    I took your advice on the text separating glow and thickened it up a bit. I also went through and removed some of the tree and hill symbols that were clashing with the text. Overall, I think it's an improvement.

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    That's definitely an improvement :)

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