The Village of Hommlet?

I'm running the temple of elemental evil in my own campaign world so I needed a map of Hommlet.

Here is what I came up with.

and here is the map without text in case anyone would like to use it as a generic village in a game.

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  • I've seen several of this village, I think yours is the best.

  • Thanks for the kind comment Jim, I really struggle doing settlements.

  • I have problems with local area maps. Regions, towns, continents I do fine.

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    @JimP I have the same problem with cities. Particularly I don't like to do dungeons because (personal opinion) they are too fantastic for my stories (yes to tombs). returning to the subject of cities, using watabou, google maps or some photography as a basis for the trace helps me a lot in placing the icons and preparing the design.

    For local maps I have used google earth countless times for inspiration, I navigate the world until I like some specific or random zoom. I take the print screen, adjust its measurements and also put it in the trace as the basis of the drawing. trace is life :)

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  • dagorhirdagorhir Traveler

    It's a beautiful map. It's different from the original but it works very well.

  • Thanks, I changed it to fit in with where I placed the temple of elemental evil in my own game world. I don't use Greyhawk or the Forgotten Realms as I never liked their nomenclature and some of the topography. Although I prefer the Greyhawk map to the Realms map.

  • This looks fantastic. The style really lends itself to the kind of maps that emote that fantasy feel and this totally screams D&D to me. As it should since Schley is a D&D guy if I remember right.

  • Thanks, kev. Yeah Mike S has done a lot of D&D maps.

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  • FrostyFrosty Traveler

    Interesting I even downloaded some other map/graphics of this in the last couple days. I think there is a way to pull the FCW version of that from your post but drawing a blank now. Looks really good.I will see if I can see maps of this town others have done to share if you want to compare it to what you have done.

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