A question about the Global Sun

I have a map with a lit room, and a large section of unlit cave.

I'd like the lit room to be, well, lit - but the rest of the cave to be dark.

If I set the Global Sun shadow transparency to 0%, this works perfectly.

However, ideally I'd like the dark areas to be semitransparent, with uniform shadow across them. I can achieve this by adding a Global Sun shadow transparency of about 20% - but when I do this, the lights on one side of the wall cast a shadow into the room on the other side of the wall. (This doesn't happen with shadow transparency set to 0%)

I think it might be because my caves are made of overlapping shapes (and the light is casting a shadow over the corner of one of these shapes on the other side of the wall).

Is there any way to get uniform transparency in unlit areas?

You can see what I mean in the picture - at the lower-left, the torch shadow crosses into the unlit area.

I've drawn in red the approximate overlap of my two cave shapes.


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    If you want any particular sheet to be unaffected by the lighting it needs to be above the sheet with the Wall Shadow, Point Light Finalize effect on it. Then you can control how that sheet appears the normal way using colour adjusting sheet effects like Colorize, or Adjust Hue/Saturation.

    When I say 'above' I mean as you are looking at the map. In the actual Sheets and Effects dialog that would be below it in the list.

    Kit Flemons
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    It works!

    Thank you SO SO much!

    Ah ok. That gives me another problem, but I think I know the solution...

    The problem is that If I have these unaffected sheets above Wall Shadow, Point Light Finalise, they will also be above the objects, furniture etc that I want to have shadows (in the lit rooms) - then the floor (unaffected) will obscure all the furniture in it.

    But I can solve this by splitting my sheets into two types:

    Furniture, floor, etc (unlit part of cave)


    Furniture floor, etc (lit part of cave)

    At the moment, my furniture is all on the same sheet, my floors are all on the same sheet, etc, whether they're in the unlit or the lit part of the cave.

    Royal Scribe
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    That's right. You have the right idea :)

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