Where to Find Additional Assets?

Does anyone know what to search for on DriveThruRPG for additional map assets? I am mostly looking at modern or cyberpunk since CC3 offers so little. There doesn't seem to be a central place to find it. I am just wondering if I am searching the wrong thing or looking in the wrong area.


  • Try typing general keywords into the DriveThru search-bar - such as "mapping icons" or "map symbols". If you try to make the terms too specific, the search facility tends to get quite restrictive, so unless you know the name of a specific product you're trying to find, it's probably best to avoid them.

  • This seems to have worked. At least, I have pulled up a lot of potential symbols. So far, nothing I have liked and I am sure I am still missing something while searching.

  • I have found the DriveThru search options to be frustrating too. It's not helped because they have several separate sites, and some publishers will only add their products to one or two (commonly DriveThru and Wargame Vault). Searching also presupposes all publishers will use the same keyword terms in their products, and not all do.

    Of course, it's possible the kinds and styles of symbols you're looking for may not exist anyway. We have kept coming back to requests for modern and cyberpunk symbols before on the Forum here, for instance.

  • It is possible they just don't have the types of symbols I am looking for. I just do not know why they don't have a map assets category. It would make things easier. Currently, they seem in different areas and publishers use different key words.

    There is another site that I know sells map assets. I can't remember the name at the moment where I may have better luck.

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    There are lots of artists who don't do DriveThru but sell assets through their own webpages or on Patreon and related sites. You could try a Google image search and find your way to the source of a symbol you really like?

  • Most of what I have seen are completed maps when I search. Again, I might just not be searching very well. Of course, unless there is a complete awesome set of symbols, I have to make sure that the symbols match close enough to the Modern and Cosmographer symbols.

    I've never really tried searching patreon. That may be an option, assuming it has a search function.

  • Have you looked RPGMapshare.com that Jeff Alberts'(aka Steel Rat) runs? I've used many of his modern and sci-fi symbols for my husband's cyberpunk game. You have to look through the galleries to find the useful bits, but there are some there.

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