Creating your own style

Hi Folks,

After my recent Dhakos Map I thought I'd create my 'own style' by modifying the Watabou style.

The aim is basically to create a more visually appealing, modern 'Fantasy Cities' style using the Watabou style (which is in turn a modified Jonathon Roberts style) as the base.

To that end, I've copied the Watabou style templates and fill styles as per the blog article, Creating Your Own style and have modified the 10ft road tool to 'cut-out' the City Blocks by giving it an extra entity, a 1ft wider line in colour 6 going on the Buildings layer and City Block sheet. The City Block sheet has a colour key effect on it. See below for a test.

I also need to change the current water fill style for larger maps, the current one looks fairly ordinary on a big map. I might try adding some Overland water fill styles...




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