please help. Annual Herwin Wielink text giving me big problems.

im making a map using Annual Herwin Wielink style and everything was fine up until i began naming my cities.

everytime i type out the name and scale it down to neatly fit next to the city, the sheet effect for the text, a black outline, becomes way too big. i quickly found out the issue is all about scaling because when i have a larger text that names a continent for example, the black outline fits nicely around the text and looks good. it is only when i scale it down that the black outline expands into an ugly black blob that ruins the surrounding countryside of the city. even when i scale the text down to a miniscule size, the black blob remains its same size. i tried scaling the continent that the city and text were on to be larger and that worked...but when i expand the map borders to refit the continent back inside the black blob oddly returned. turning off the sheet effect wont work since it looks too bland without it. i was basically done and ready to place settlements before this happened so any help would be much appreciated! 🙏

example just to make sure im properly explaining. i place a city next to a river. i type out the name "Riverwood" and scale it down to fit next to the city symbol. but the black outline around the text has become so large that it ruins the region around the city leaving no room for trees, creeks, or anything else.

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  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer
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    You need to change the scaling of the effect. Just find the effect on the Text sheet, and change the Range of it.

    The reason it changed when you rescaled the drawing is that it is set up to be a percentage of the size of your drawing so it can work seamlessly with all map sizes, so when your map got larger, so did the effect.



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