resizing mapping area

why does reszing drawing area leave the existing area at the bottom? I presume it is using 0,0 but why?


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    edited March 2023

    I think it's probably because the origin is the only fixed point that exists on a technically infinite drawing plane. If there was an option dialog where you could pick the position of the existing map within the new extent that might save you a few seconds repositioning it by hand, but would probably take precious coding hours away from other more urgent tasks that continue behind the scenes.

    If this is something you feel affects your mapping experience on a frequent basis you could make a suggestion for CC4?

  • thanks for confirming that it was 0,0. this is the first time I've bumped into this problem so I won't bother the developers of CC4.-

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    The origin is by default always at the bottom left corner of the map area, just like a regular graph origin.

    Suggestions are always welcome. I'm not the one who decides on the priority list, so it's worth airing your questions and sharing your ideas. The coders are extremely busy right now, but that doesn't mean it can't be added to the list at an appropriate level and considered at some point in the future.

    It is a good idea, after all :)

  • You know the fractalising of lines, @Loopysue ? I'm having difficulties in increasing the fractalisation (sorry can't spell today) on lines. Cant remember if it's the up arrow or bottom arrow that increases it.

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    I had the same problem myself just a couple of days ago, but if you look at the command line it gives you all the control keys you can use. Even though it doesn't say which way each goes it should be apparent if you wait a few seconds. As I remember it the arrangement is fairly logical. I think the up arrow increases the amplitude or width of the wiggle, while the right arrow increases the number of nodes.

  • unfortunately I've still only got 2 corners!

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    Im thinking that I might have misunderstood the question. Are you drawing a fractal polygon using a drawing tool or the fractal polygon tool on the right? Or are you fractalising an existing line? Are the corners the nodes that stick out from the line?

  • Wed 8 March: its both, Sue. I'm working on a decidedly iffy installation of Windows while I wait for my Mac which will mean I'll be able to do a completely new version of Parallels which in turn will mean a completely new Windows. Got me so far? :) I don't know how to fractalise a line. I'm using both the polygon tool and the DRAWTOOLSP counterpart. I've been talking to Ralf because whenever I selected any line tool from the DRAWTOOLSP it stuck to wherever I clicked on, say, the default land tool, I couldn't move the pointer at all.

    Thurs 9 March: I had an idea last night -- make a new map, same template, same size, then zoom out of the map and I try to import the blank map below the current map and take the map borders out. May not work, but it might!

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    Ok. Ralf should be able to sort it out :)

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