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Hi, everyone.

This is the first draft of my new CSUAC map, a big hospital / monastery for the healers of Mishakal in the Dragonlance D&D setting. Mostly CSUAC2 and Bogie, with some customizing in PS and tons of different sheets. I'll start with the floorplans now. As always, feedback much appreaciated!

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  • 5 months later
  • Hi, everyone. I've been busy with work these past few months, but I've finally made time to come back to mapping. I'm currently giving the final touches to the floorplans of the hospital above, but I have finished a different temple, based on the famous Beng Mealea: the Snake Pit, a primitive temple built by reptilian beings a long time ago in the marshes of the Dairly Plains, in the D&D Dragonlance setting. Made entirely in CSUAC2, plus the usual finishing touches in PS. Enjoy!

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