Map of Hellas

This is my map for a Theros game set in ancient Greece.

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    Excellent! Did you get the coastline from an existing source (FT3+, online vector maps), or did you trace it from a real-world map?

  • It's traced from a real world map, I think this area's equivalent of Ordnance survey as it was very detailed. I messed the area around the Dardanelles up and had to edit the land and draw it freehand.

    The mountains and hills and forest etc, are just an approximation as the map I used was too detailed with contour lines, and the only maps I could find showing terrain were children's maps, so very basic.

    The coast is fairly accurate, everything else, not so much.

    As for the game, it's all made up. I have Sparta and Athens and Corinth etc, but Crete is the home of the minotaurs (go figure), I put an Amazonian land on it called Themyscira, I created the sphinx race (species) as a playable character race, and other changes to fit in a fantasy mythological bronze age setting.

  • Having mapped this area in CC3+ myself - and all round the Black Sea as well on the same map - it's not fun, I know! I was working from details in the Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World, which I've mentioned on the Forum before, though aside from an iPad version, I think it's still only available in hardcopy (dates from 2000), but it does include adjusted coastlines and other features, such as inland lakes, that have changed over the millennia, so is very useful if you're wanting to go for greater historical/archaeological accuracy, as far as that can be established now.

    This page of the same Ancient World Mapping Center site as the above Barrington Atlas link goes to, has a selection of free PDF download versions of assorted maps covering Ancient Greece and the Aegean, which may be of use to anyone attempting anything similar in future. There are, for instance, a couple of outline maps which I think a suitably extracted JPG would work with the TRACED command in CC3+ (though I haven't tried - the command didn't exist when I was working on my maps for the area!).

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