Dwarf Home, Old Crestar

Rather than mixing the two Crestars in one thread, I'm placing them in separate areas.

As mentioned elsewhere, I had problems with level 3 and decided to remap them. So here goes.

Columns are A thru F, and Rows are -4 down to Zero, then on to 3. This will cover the same area as the old maps, with a small addition on row 3. each of these maps will be 480' x 360'. The old ones are 240' x 180'.

Column A, Row -4 is the upper right.

first, in progress, map.

larger in my gallery.

Loopysue[Deleted User]MonsenRicko Hasche


  • Update. I think I can go on with the next map for this level.

    1 )100' x 30' x 20'  

    Empty of all but a red painted line, with a white glow on it. Some dust.

    One secret door, push up.

    Entrance to the West and North.

    2 ) 70' x 60' x 20' dusty

    wood debris.

    3 ) 90' x 40' x 10' dusty.

    Some wood debris, a few low value coins might be found.

    4 ) 50' x 60' x 10' Former sleeping quarters.

    4 beds with rugs, 5 chests ( two might have treasure ), 2 brokwn tables, 2 tables with 4 chairs each, two fireplaces with wood, one stove with wood. Flues lead up from the stove and fireplaces. But the fireplaces and stove don't look like they have been used.

    5 ) 60' x 20' x 10'

    wood debris, wood dust on floor. The broken table has a drawer underneath the top. A dagger +1 is in the drawer.

    6 ) 80' diameter x 20' high.

    Large crack in the floor, a very shallow water pool on the crack.

    Secret door to evil temple on the west. Two open corridors lead into it.

    7 ) 60' x 40' x 10'

    empty dusty room to get adventurers to think this is a dead end. Casually looking at the floor will see tracjks leading to the secret door.

    8 ) 80' x 30' x 10'

    empty dusty room to get adventurers to think this is a dead end. Casually looking at the floor will see tracjks leading to the secret door.

    9 ) 80' x 40' x 20' Evil Temple

    16 pews, 7 water containers, 1 burning coals container, 1 fireplace. Sacrafice alter, evil demon statue.

    Two secret doors leads to evil clerics' quarters.

    10 ) 60' x 40' x 10'

    empty dusty room to get adventurers to think this is a dead end. Casually looking at the floor will see tracjks leading to the secret door.

    11 ) 60' x 30' x 10' Evil Clerics' quarters

    5 beds with rugs, a pile of coins in and out of some small bags, 3 plants.

    12 ) 80' x 50' x 10'

    A large ballista, must have been taken apart and put here and put back together. Otherwise too large to be moved here.

    First table: bow, quiver, dagger

    Second table: shield, sword, two daggers, a small amount of coins and gems.

    the three plants will attack anyone who goes into this room.

    13 ) 40' x 40' x 5' open pit trap.

    Two secret doors: push on one side and they open.

    14 ) 90' x 50' x 10'

    Four piles of rocks and debris, with a skeleton under each. Large crack in the floor.

    15 ) 50' x 20' x 10'

    Chest with a magic book on top. 50 platinum, 300 gold pieces inside.

    A small treasure pile: sword, wand, book, two bags.

    16 ) 90' x 50' x 10' All pits are 10' deep.

    One open pit has a box in it.

    Pit with spikes has a few gems and a few coins in it.

    17 ) 50' x 50' x 10'

    Two animated armor. Plate with long swords and shields.

    18 ) 40' x 60' x 10'

    4 zombies. NW corner has a small pile of gems and coins.

    19 ) 40' x 50' x 20'

    Former sleeping quarters for guards.

    4 beds, 2 crates, a fireplace. The fireplace looks used, but no firewood.

    Loopysue[Deleted User]
  • Currently working on the next piece, the one that connects to the bottom of this one.

    The old maps for this level were mostly rooms and corridors, but I'm going to start rearranging things. More pits, a lake or two, castle walls, etcetera. My players had told me Dwarf Home was too bland. After seeing Moria in TLotR, I agree.

    Not sure how I'm going to map huge stairways, etc. unless I use isometric.

  • Not much so far, but here it is.


  • I was going to quickly add Marine Dungeon to this map... and then start another deck on the Expanse Medina Station. Not working, reasons below.

    The water fills for the Annual Marine Dungeon switch back to the DD3 Color water fills when effects go away. I have to put effects back on, then right click default water and switch that back to Annual Marine Dungeon.

    The other thing is importing by hand all of the sheets and their effects. Is there another way to do that ?

    A sudden thought, would it be easier to start a Marine Dungeon, then import the fcw file into this dungeon level ?

    Here is what I have so far. I'll include the fcw.

    Thanks for any help !

  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    It looks like you've got more than half way there, so starting again by importing everything into a new MD map might be even more of a time waster, since you would only then have to copy all the sheet effects from this map into the MD map. It's probably better to carry on and copy the sheet effects you need across from an open MD map. When you have two maps open side by side like that remember that having autosave turned on can cause a crash, so best to turn it off for the duration of the operation if you normally have it turned on

  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 261 images Cartographer
    edited February 12

    Okay, I'll keep at it. Thanks.

    Edit. I dont use auto save, but that is good to know.

  • Working on it. I have several things to do on Monday.

  • I've got all the sheets in place and their effects. I'm going to have to adjust them for this larger map.

  • It kept switching between DD3 Color and Marine Dungeon. i decided to make MD01, and insert it into the Dungeon map. Worked, and much faster.

    I was going to do a long prequel of text, but I decided to just go ahead and post the jpg

    larger in my gallery.

    [Deleted User]Loopysue
  • An update. I added water ripples to the wall in the water. Not all example maps that had the Water ripples sheet on it, had the effects.

    20/20B is an old banquet hall turned into a defense room.

    21 fish and swimming. Someone brought in a bull shark and ruined it. Or is it an ilusionary shark ?

    22 a sort of standard circle room, with a few skeletons and lots of wood debris. And maybe a treasure trunk.

    23 a 5' deep swimming pool... or is it ?

    24/24 B a defensive work... too many paths to get behind the wall.

    25 thru 27. Moss, algae, or green paint/tiles ? Working on ideas for them.

    Not sure if waves along the shore would work or not.

    larger in gallery.

    LoopysueMonsen[Deleted User]
  • I would use a darker brown dirt in your background. I think that will make the maps stand out better. What an ambitious project! I love how ProFantasy opens up so many possibilities for our imaginations.

  • Hard for me to see if it is darker.

  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 261 images Cartographer
    edited February 15

    Update for 3a -03. I think this is it for this map.

    3a_03 text

    20 ) 3 pits, some wood debris, and a banquet table. food has spoiled.

    20 B ) a defensive area, that didn't work. Appears that diners at this banquet were surprised, but were able to defend themselves for a while.

    21 ) a sandy floor and a marine dungeon. Water ripples around a wall out in the water. That should give a clue there is a shark out there. Some small fishes must keep it fed. But how vdoes it continue to live ? No, not a were-shark.

    A small boat is there, but no oars, to take you out onto the water. There could be treasure, but it isn't visible from the shore. Watch out for the sea urchins if you hgo wading out into the water. And don't pet the shark !

    22 ) a circle room. Debris blocks a smooth walk around the water. Can the shark in room 21 get over here ? A secret door leads to mold floored passageways and rooms.

    23 ) A one time swimming pool. Appears to get 5' deep, just under 2 meters.

    But is it safe ?

    24 ) in front of some castle walls with towers. Doors lead away from, into, this room.

    24 B ) 3 giant ants, a scouting party looking for food. A ruined rock building. Two small skeletons in the building.

    A skeleton behind a row of amphorae... not very good for defense. Doesn't look like they have been opened.

    No entrances to the three towers. If ladders were used to get to the top of the wall, they are gone.

    passageway leading to room 25. A skeleton under ceiling debris. The ceiling is smooth.

    25 ) two broken tables. a pile of wood debris with a spike pole with hair, and a spike pole with a human skull on it. Three spike poles with hair on them, on the floor.

    26 ) bat guano, 4 blue mushroom areas. One is glowing, probably shouldn't touch that. Wood pile.

    27 ) three blue mushrooms, one is glowing. Bat guano, 4 areas of white mushrooms... deadly nightshade ?

    Three amphorae, 2 chests. Probably have treasure.

    28 ) Two tables with chairs. Three comfy chairs. Why aren't they damaged ?

    29 ) Two tables, the chairs are to big to fit into the U-shaped area.

    30 ) Looks like a lecture room. One comfy chair, 6 blue less-comfortable chairs.

    The passageways become gray floors instead of sandy floors, or moldy, like the rest of this map.

    larger in gallery

  • I have a convention coming up, and I'll be working on a replacement vehicle as my little car decided it doesn't want to work anymore. Don't worry, no one was in it. It was just sitting in the yard and went into failure mode.

    Anyway, I'll be a bit busy until after March 8th.

  • I now have a replacement vehicle. Hurrah !

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