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1st pass at creating a battle map for next weeks encounter - escape from Duke Goldenlilly's dungeon. Not sure if I should add a third sconce on the west wall, and I think the glow on the brazier needs to be lessened. Trying to keep it all within Schley. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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    I like the use of the floor textures.

    Maybe put a small dark glow on those bars to make them stand up from the floor? Maybe not?

  • As Sue suggested, something to help the bars look more vertical probably would be helpful.

    Maybe think of reducing the intensity of the shadows overall, given they don't really work with the light sources in the dungeon.

    Some of the shadows - for the buckets and smaller round table - are also perhaps too large for what they are. The buckets probably shouldn't be casting the same length of shadow as the rack and dissecting table, for instance.

  • Thanks! Below is updated for the suggestions:

  • Started playing some more - added a grey transparency over the entire view, then used colorkey to try and add additional lighting impact:

    Not sure I like it yet, but think there is possibilities here - will continue to play with it

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    That grey overlay...

    Have you considered using a nearly black one and adding a Blend mode set to Multipy and about 15-20% to that sheet?

    The reason I say nearly black is because a true black one would probably interract unexpectedly with some of the dark glows. The darkest grey, or the darkest brown should be ok.

    EDIT: You might also want to put a Blur on it after the Color Key and before the Blend Mode to take out any sharp edges.

  • Beyond Sue's suggestions, if you do wish to persist with the grey overlay, something to better represent the glow from the "warming pan" (or sword in the tomato soup, if you prefer 😉) might help - say a pale, transparent orange glow.

    This might start to get too complex though, and for a battle map particularly, even the grey overlay might ultimately be unhelpful, given players and GM need to be able to tell what's where at a glance.

    Experimenting's always useful either way though.

  • Thanks - below is the current version:

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    Its been awhile - I thought that this was going to be a simple one off battlemap - but it grew:

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    Some of the dimensions are a little large, and the "septic system" is unrealistic - but players need options to escape!!!

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    I get a feeling from all these maps.. someone or something is going to invade through the septic system. Looked good, still digesting it all.

  • GlitchGlitch Surveyor

    Actually - the other way around, players are going to escape the death cells..... This is the genesis scenario for my homebrew campaign. It can also be used as a city guard house

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    miss a bottle of wine on the table next inquisitors chair 🤣

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    Played over the holiday weekend - players took the roof route!

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  • A couple of more maps from the series:

    And the first draft of the underground:

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     Final Write Up:

    The Watchmen are an organization authorized by the Arch Druid on Colaste; their Charter is to police the general population and to ensure control of Dnna (slaves). They are well known for their brutality. 

    A Watchmen team generally consists of: a Captain or Lieutenant (Fighters), a Master of Chains (Alchemist/Torture), and two to three Houndsmen (Rangers) with 2 – 3 hounds each. Sometimes a Landstone Druid will be assigned to the team as well. A Chapter House will have several Teams, as well as apprentices.

    Referred to by many as Red Legs (due to their bright red leather hip boots). 

    The Captains and Lieutenants will have dyed Green studded leather armor, Red Boots, Rapier, and a Compound Bow. They are generally selected from 3rd and 4th sons or daughters of noble families; reporting only to the Druid Council on Colaste, some are well enough connected that they intimate minor nobles.

    The Master of Chains wears Black Robes (Watchmen badge on breast), and is an expert with Drugs, Poisons, and Torture. Their favorite weapons are: crossbow, dagger, and whip. Their daggers will frequently be treated with poison, acid, or paralysis drugs. They are generally sadists who specialize in binding and inflicting pain on others.

    The Houndsmen wear Green Tunics (Watchmen badge on breast) and the red hip boots. They carry long bows, nets, axes, and daggers. Each one will have 2 to 3 trained hounds – used to track down escaped Dnna and Criminals. They come from the general populace and attitudes range from: “it’s a job” to passionate desire to contain and control Dnna.

    There are Watchmen Chapter Houses located throughout the Brae Kingdoms. Chapter Houses act as a combination living and training center as well as a jail and processing center for criminals and recaptured Dnna. A Chapter House usually consists of the Senior Team (led by the Captain), and at least two Journeymen Teams (led by the Lieutenants). In addition, there are typically a couple of teams in training. It is not unusual to find visiting Teams from other houses (resting from travels), or occasionally a Landstone Druid.

    Captains or Lieutenants can have their families living with them, the rest work for 9 months, only returning home for 3 months every year.

    In addition to the main house, the enclosed courtyard contains stables with a Jailors wagon, a dog yard, and a short bow target range.  

    The buildings are stone and lumber construction with a tile roofs.


    A typical chapterhouse 1st floor layout:


    A typical 2nd floor layout:


    Standard Lower Level *



    Occasionally, escapees will attempt the roof route:

    A typical septic system layout:

    Available / found items list:


    Jailors Wagon:

                  Under driver’s seat: Whip, liquor flask; in the back are chains


    Draft Horses (2), Riding Horses (2), Pitchforks (2), Barn Shovels (2), Rope, Saddles, Saddle Bags, and Tack. 60% Chance of apprentices cleaning stalls.

    Dog Houses:

    Dogs (8 – 12), Dog Houses, Chains, One of the dog houses has a small bundle: a dagger, a few small coins, and some food. (Maybe one of the apprentices is planning on leaving?)

    Short Archery Range:

                  D6+1 Arrows, worn long bow


                  Axe, hatchet, mallet, wedge, two man saw. Plenty of wood.

    House – 1st Level

    Assembly / Dining Room:

                  Wine rack, mugs, fireplace poker and shovel, pamphlets. 80% Chance of 2 – 6 Watchmen.


                  Food, drink, kitchen knives, lamp oil.  80% Chance of Housekeeper/Cook or Cook’s helper

    Housekeepers Room

                  Clothes, lamp, pouch of small coins, cheap jewelry on dresser.

    Alchemist Lab

                  Glassware, Alchemist Supplies, Poisoner’s Kit, various Drugs

    Master of Chains – Personal Quarters

                  Poisoner’s Kit (Masterwork), Various Drugs, “Understanding Poisons” Book *, Garden

    * Reading adds 1 rank to the Medicine skill – one use only

    Captain’s Suite

                  Quality clothes, furnishings, 2d20GP in bedroom drawers.

    Captain’s Office

    Peg on Wall: Masterwork - Rapier, Sabre, Dagger.  In the corner is an armor stand with Masterwork Studded Armor (Green with Watchmen Captain’s Badge). Leaning against the armor rack is a Masterwork Long Bow and a full Quiver.  The desk will have small chest with 10d20+10 GP. On the desk is the Chapterhouse log – containing orders and deployment, notes on Dnna recoveries, criminals, etc…

    House 2nd Level

    Common Room

    Several tables with cards, dice, games. A reading corner, and some chair around the fireplace. Mugs, wine and ale readily available.

    Apprentices – Master of Chains

                  Dirty clothes, small coins. Crossbow on bed.

    Apprentice – Bunkroom

                  Dirty clothes, 1d8 copper coins. Broken and chipped dagger on side table.

    Journeymen Bunkroom

    Clean clothes, food stuffs, 1 – 2 Explorer’s Packs hanging on wall pegs, one of the tables next to the beds will have a Gambler’s Kit, and a pair of loaded die. 1-4 sets of: Longbow, quiver, dagger, and axe. 1d20+5 SP in pouch under one mattress.

    Special Guests Room

                  Fine quality furnishings. Diplomat’s Pack in drawers. Paper, ink, and quills on desk.

    Lower Level

    Storage Area

    Food, wine, ale stores. Supplies available to assemble 4 – 6 Explorer’s Packs. Small forge for setting chains and manacles (Hammers, chisels, files, etc…. ) Oil Sconces on walls for light.



    Lower Level

    Processing Area

    There is a records book on desk, chains stacked on floor, a whip hanging on wall, and 2 barred holding cells with up to 12 detainees in each cell.

    Torture Chamber

    Separated from the processing area by a heavy metal door is the torture chamber. When first entering the room, the smell is overwhelming – the scent of blood, urine, and worse is mixed with a sweet incense. Wine and goblets can be found on a table next to observation platform and chair. The torture table usually will have a recent deceased on it – with blood dripping off of table to grate below. The brazier next to the table has a low-quality iron short sword heating up in it. The side table will have various implements (small knives, hooks, other nasty stuff) and cell keys. The dissection table will have various knives, a bone saw, and retractors. The vat at end of table contains acid.

    Two heavily barred cells each with 1d6 prisoners chained to the walls– not related to party.




    Captain / Lieutenant                             

    Master of Chains



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    What I can see is pretty cool. But there are a lot of images I can't see between them. Not sure why that is.

  • The ones you can't see are linked to a hard drive, not uploaded.

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    Sorry - write up is in word. I cut and pasted, so you are correct - links to my hard drive. Unfortunately, when I go to edit them out, they're not visible in edit. Not sure why both the image and the link show up.

  • You might try saving the file as type txt, and loading it into Notepad.

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