WIP Goldenlilly Dungeons

1st pass at creating a battle map for next weeks encounter - escape from Duke Goldenlilly's dungeon. Not sure if I should add a third sconce on the west wall, and I think the glow on the brazier needs to be lessened. Trying to keep it all within Schley. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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    I like the use of the floor textures.

    Maybe put a small dark glow on those bars to make them stand up from the floor? Maybe not?

  • As Sue suggested, something to help the bars look more vertical probably would be helpful.

    Maybe think of reducing the intensity of the shadows overall, given they don't really work with the light sources in the dungeon.

    Some of the shadows - for the buckets and smaller round table - are also perhaps too large for what they are. The buckets probably shouldn't be casting the same length of shadow as the rack and dissecting table, for instance.

  • GlitchGlitch Surveyor

    Thanks! Below is updated for the suggestions:

  • GlitchGlitch Surveyor

    Started playing some more - added a grey transparency over the entire view, then used colorkey to try and add additional lighting impact:

    Not sure I like it yet, but think there is possibilities here - will continue to play with it

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    edited February 6

    That grey overlay...

    Have you considered using a nearly black one and adding a Blend mode set to Multipy and about 15-20% to that sheet?

    The reason I say nearly black is because a true black one would probably interract unexpectedly with some of the dark glows. The darkest grey, or the darkest brown should be ok.

    EDIT: You might also want to put a Blur on it after the Color Key and before the Blend Mode to take out any sharp edges.

  • Beyond Sue's suggestions, if you do wish to persist with the grey overlay, something to better represent the glow from the "warming pan" (or sword in the tomato soup, if you prefer 😉) might help - say a pale, transparent orange glow.

    This might start to get too complex though, and for a battle map particularly, even the grey overlay might ultimately be unhelpful, given players and GM need to be able to tell what's where at a glance.

    Experimenting's always useful either way though.

  • GlitchGlitch Surveyor

    Thanks - below is the current version:

    Loopysue[Deleted User]JimPWyvern
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