Tokens in search of a map.

Some time ago I managed to put together some tokens using Midjourney. I think they are good enough to be used in my maps and I want to share them here (I used them here). They are far from being as good as those done by any real artist... BTW, they look like that:

... these are inspired by the real super good master Moebius.

Now... I also put together some frames (same shameless process as above). Eg:

The full collection, some frames and a krita file to apply frames to images are all in a google drive folder here (I could probably provide a PSD or gimp file if needed). Note that most of the frames in the file are not "right" for these images, from a stylistic point of view. But you can use them for more fantasy or sci-fi tokens if you have the proper images.

With the krita file (similarly to photoshop or gimp) is also possible to add some small effects -already present- to the tokens (eg a pergamen-ish, slate-ish, or wood-ish background.. or all of them). In the file, you just have to select (make visible) the images you want and save the png.

Let me know if a more detailed guide is welcome. 😅

I hope you like them.

IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW: All the images above originated from Midjourney (and have been then modified by me) for which -at the present date- the following therms of service apply.

PS: I know there is a lot of debate about using this kind of tool (I mean AI images generators). If someone is offended by this message and the community agrees, I will delete the post.



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