Live Mapping: Realms of Legend

Hi everyone! :D

In tomorrow's Live Mapping session Ralf will be showcaseing an older but still very beautiful overland style by TJ Vandel: Realms of Legend.

Watch it right here:

Or come join us on YouTube here:



  • I've a request for this session:

    In preparation for the session tomorrow I opened up an old map of mine I made when I was way less experienced than I'm now (well, in terms of overland maps I think I'm still not really experienced, but that's beside the point)

    I was thinking about redrawing it in a new style and clean it up, as the original is quite a mess and totally bloated (the fcw file has about 5mb and is REALLY slow).

    Back then I created the map by exporting it from fractal terrains and working over the relief/Contours polygons. So To simplify the new map I copied the lowest polygon (the one that makes up the coastline) into a new map and tried to trace it with the default landmass tool in the new style, but I couldn't choose the polygon.

    maybe, if he finds the time, @Ralf could demonstrate how to do this the correct way, that would be very much appreciated!

  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 37 images Cartographer

    Did you ever explode that polygon? Most often the reason an entity originally exported from FT3 can't be picked is because it was exported as a multipoly. Use Info on it and find out.

    Once exploded you could use SIMPLIFY on it to reduce the number of nodes and speed everything up quite a bit. Even if you only use a really small factor you would be surprised how many nodes can be deleted without much visible difference. FT3 tends to export things at a much higher resolution than anyone ever draws a map by hand in CC3.

  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 37 images Cartographer

    30 minute shout! :)

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