Character Artist 3 won't install

I already purchased and downloaded Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus and today I purchased and downloaded the Character Artist 3. It will not install. It keeps telling me it can't find the main program. I've also tried to install it using the web installer but it displays the same message that CC3 is not found. This is frustrating. I've already been using the main program for a while. I'm using Windows 10 64-bit edition. RAM and graphics card are overkill for this software as is the speed of my processors. How do I fix this? Another reason why DRM is stupid. Only paying customers suffer.

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    You're using the wrong version of the installer. The one you are using is the one for CC3, not for CC3+ which is what you have. You'll find the right one on your registered user download pages.

    Not sure why you're referencing DRM here though, a technical issue like this doesn't have anything to do with DRM. This is just a compatibility issue where CC3 add-ons can't be used with CC3+ and vice versa, not a protection scheme.



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