Erlan Worlds maps

I'm stretching my abilities and knowledge and am making a map using the Erlan Worlds template. In doing so I've explored node editing and using the colour key effect.

However I'm baffled as to why the fills, e.g grassland, ice and snow, deserts, swamps, fade into all but nothing when I refresh the map. The only background fill that shows up is the mountain one.

My monitor is a bit aged so I printed my map, only to get the same result. I like to be able to see what is on the ruddy map and not to have to rely on my memory or have effects turned off!


  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer

    Check the sheet effects on the LAND sheets, for example, grassland goes on the LAND GRASS sheet. If they fade too much, it can either be the Edge Width of the Edge Fade, Inner effect that is too large, or the inner opacity is too low. Try changing these values and redraw.

    Do note that the terrain is intended to be a bit subtle on this style, but they should always be clearly visible

  • HelenAAHelenAA Traveler

    thanks Remy, I’ll go through each setting and adjust accordingly.

    Between posting the OP and receiving notification of your reply I drew an island and instead of coming out a brownish colour it is green! Not yet looked at the sheet setting but I'm betting there's something different someewhere.

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