Exporting with lights

Hiya Braintrust,

I'm looking to finish this encounter map, a workshop building automaton with a magical AI. It's supposed to have a blue light that'll turn red when the encounter starts. I've tried to export the map with the light set and I get the jpeg below. If I export in 75dpi. It comes out perfectly, but with 300 I get the result below. Do any of you know what the problem might be?



  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker

    The problem is most likely that CC3+ has to do multiple passes to export the image at 300 dpi (you see that on the export window). That splits the rendering into several sections and the light can only be calculated on the section where the light source is placed. A limitation of the current lighting/rendering system.

    Try setting your Max Pixel per Pass to a higher number. Type EXPORTSETMPPP at the command line and set it 40000000 (40 million).

    At what size do you need that image? Is it for printing or only for a vtt environment?

  • Thanks Ralf, that did it.

    I usually just export with 300 dpi for printing to a table map. I have no idea if there is a "standard" normally followed?

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