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I'm debating running a D&D (or other fantasy RPG) set in the Ptolus campaign setting.

However, the map of the city looks every bit like it was Photoshopped together in 2003. It's not bad but it's also not very good with the use of drop shadow rather than bevelling for the slopes that make it look like parts are floating.

I've 'shopped a few homebrew maps in the past, but the scale of this is beyond me and I was debating recreating the city using ProFantasy's software. I have Campaign Cartographer 3 after a Humble Bundle and Cities of Schley. And I'm eyeing Schley's new isometric city symbol set.

But I haven't installed or tried the program yet. Is it possible to do a map of that size or complexity? Or would I be wasting my time? Any tips on starting such a project?


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    Doing a map of that size isn't a problem in CC3+. But it will be a bit time consuming, a map like that is not done in an afternoon.

    Since you're mentioning the isometric Schley city set, i am not convinced it will be appropriate for such a large city. I haven't tried, but the isometric sets are generally better when you can see the details a bit more clearly. Might be a good resource for mapping closeup of individual districts for example.

    Personally, I am not convinced it is a good starting point doing such a large map if you are unfamiliar with CC3+ though. I recommend starting with something simpler to get some experience first, or it is likely to be overwhelming.

    You might want to have a look at this live stream recording where Ralf starts making a small city. Far from the size of your desired city, but shows off the tools and techniques.

  • This won't be my next campaign. I have 4-6 sessions left of my current campaign and after that I plan to run some Star Wars. So this is me thinking ahead 9 months to a year. Lots of time to do a map and learn the system...

  • Based on the link you provided, it looks like there are smaller sections of town with isometric maps (or at least art). I would save the isometric city for doing cut out sections rather than the whole map.

    I was working on a city map that used color blocks instead of symbols. I then tried the isometric symbols. They are just too big if you want the details. Thus, I would either have only a few buildings where they should be a lot more, or I have to make the symbols so small that you lose all the details.

    I am not sure of the look you are going for. I would suggest you play around with the program and learn how to use it. I would also suggest you play around with the effects so you can sort of get the general look you want and know how you are going to do it. Then, you can start making your giant city map.

  • @DJWG , like Monsen already stated, this is not a problem for CC3+. But I thought I'd chip-in with a sample from the Atlas that Monsen himself posted somewhat recently:

  • For a really big city with all buildings as separate symbols, you could also look at both Torstan and Dun Fingolfin in the Atlas on the continent of Peredur

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