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Hey! How can I print my map profantasy map in different images so that I can make the map playable? Because if I print it all in one, the map is too small to move my miniatures in.


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    If you are printing, there is a tiling option right in the print dialog, just set the desired scale (battle maps for miniatures are usually 1' = 5" (as long as your map is mapped to scale in the first place)) and set the horizontal and vertical number of tiles. Check page 47 of the user manual for details.

    If you are exporting it to image files first, you can use the "Rectangular section" file type exports. This will cause CC3+ to ask you for coordinates after hitting save, and this way you can save just a piece of your map. Just use this to export your map one piece at a time.

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  • NikodeNikode Newcomer

    When I put the Tiling numbers Example, 5 and 5 from the pring window,

    Does it put the tiles immidietly to the map, or do the tiles show up only after I have printed the map from my printer?

  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer

    Tiling only applies to printing, it won't do any changes to your map. But if you hit the preview button in the print dialog, it will show you how your map will be tiled.

  • NikodeNikode Newcomer

    I understood that one, but can you more specifically explain me how to use the "Rectangular section"

    example like with images?


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    The only difference between regular image exporting and rectangular section is that after you have clicked save in the save as dialog, instead of starting the export immediately, you will be prompted (on the CC3+ command line) to pick two opposite corners of your export (by clicking your mouse in the drawing or typing in the coordinates, either works). CC3+ will then export only the parts that is within the area defined by those points instead of the entire map.

    The export process is explained in detail with images in the user manual, starting on page 47.

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