Does RGB Matrix Process work on Symbol Sheets?

I have tried using the RGB Matrix Process on sheets, but it does not appear to work on the symbols on that sheet. However, it will work for the entire drawing. I'm a bit confused how I can turn an entire drawing, including the symbols, gray or sepia, but it won't do it just for a set of symbols.

I am assuming part of this has to do with the RGB process doing a pixel by pixel manipulation. But it seems if it works for the whole, it should work for the part.


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    It's mainly to do with the drawing order.

    Symbols are by default drawn twice to ensure the semi-transparent pixels are not detrimentally affected by the sheet effects. However, the whole map effects are done last of all, and will affect the whole drawing, no matter how many times everything has been drawn up to that point.

    You can disable the second drawing of the symbols using DELAYDRAWSYM, but this will damage semitransparent pixels in the symbols. You might not think there are a lot of semitransparent symbols but in truth the edge of nearly all symbols is antialiased, so there will always be a very thin fringe missing, and that may be enough to make the symbol look odd.

    DELAYDRAWSYM automatically reverts to 1 next time you open CC3.

    Having said all of that there are notable exceptions to the rule. Most house symbols will respond to colour modifying sheet effects because of the presence of map files, which control the shading of rooftops. City Cliff symbols also have map files, and will also respond to these effects.

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