Getting ready for 13th Age Revised

I am really excited about 13tgh Age revised coming out. So I have made a start using 13th Age non-revised, and will copy it all over to the newer style come Jan 2.

Here is the FT world I created, and exported as coastline and rivers only. I didn't do any extra work on the FT map.

Here it as the FCW, with islands added from the island chain annual (I added quite a few of my own island symbols to this great little issue). I tilted the southern continent, and moved an archipelago.

The climatic zones are set at 75 deg N and S for polar circles, and 20 deg N and S for tropical zones. The green is the 40 deg N and S. I welcome comment.

Tectonics, and ocean depths all subject to variation. I will put in tectonic plates, and work out mountain ranges and volcanic activity from there.

The equatorial distance is 40,000 km

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