Hartenroth am Finsterwalde - Trying out SS6

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This is the setting for one of my character's backstories: A small town being bled out by a greedy king and his nobles.

Used Mike Schley overland style for the hills, some of the trees, livestock and a few other bits.

I also darkened the map using GIMP, because it fit's the theme better this way.

Overall I found SS6 easy to use, except for the walls, hedges and palisades which took a bit of getting used to. The "sort symbols"-button helps a lot.

Details of the town: If a town's marketplace has more displays of punishment than market stalls, you might want to travel somewhere else (or change things and be a hero, of course. :) ).

Details of a relatively rich farm and the bridge. Quite a few people have bought boats, since the king raised the toll for the bridge.

A larger version is in my gallery. Have a great Sunday.

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