And like a bad penny, I keep showing back up!

Hello again, everyone! I know... it's been a LONG time since you've seen me! I don't even know if those I knew are still here. I'm hoping, but then I'm also looking forward to seeing all of the new mappers!

Let's just say it's been a few CRAZY years since I was last in here. A lot of things have happened. First, my external hard drive died, the one I used to store ALL of my data... I think I mentioned it the last time I was here. All of my ftws, maps, everything I hadn't already posted... gone. Along with gaming notes, other hobbies I was working on... it kind of defeated and deflated me for a while. I also got burned out on DM'ing, though I still game, just not currently RUNNING anything. Since I was no longer running anything, I quit mapping for a while, to give me a chance to recharge my batteries.

Then, Covid hit. That put my hubby out of work for a while, and we had to shut down all non-essentials, including internet for a while. Both my mom, and my stepdad caught Covid Delta, and they survived it. Then their doctors convinced them to take the vaccines, even though they already had it.

Well, my stepdad died just after Christmas in 2020, within days of taking it. Mom died in Feb of 2021, within 2 weeks of getting the booster. Both died of heart attacks. My brother and I were left to deal with our parents' estate (with the help of the executor who has been worthless), and after almost two years, it's STILL not closed out (it's supposed to be completed in a year), so I've been crazy busy with that.

Finally got to the point where there wasn't any more I could do (what's left has to be dealt with by the executor, see comment above) and I finally got to settle back down...

Only to deal with my laptop getting fried. Again, I lost EVERYTHING. Well, almost everything. There is some stuff saved on the other external hard drive I have... but still. Then I had to save up for a new laptop.

Good news, I have one now :). I bought a shiny, new gamer's laptop. Now I just have to reinstall everything. Which has caused another snag, but one I hope to fix soon. So, hopefully, I will be able to ease myself back into mapping... especially since I plan to pick up some of the things I wasn't able to get earlier... like some of the add ons I've been waiting forever to get! But that won't happen until the estate is FINALY settled.

But, it's good to see everyone again! Look forward to hearing from you.



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