Why Does Redraw Always Go Back to the Last Activated Sheet?

When CC3+ redraws the image - usually because I zoom in/out, it activates the previous sheet. This is not a huge issue except for when I hide a sheet. For example, say I had been working on the river sheet. I then hide the river sheet and then place symbols on the symbols sheet. I then zoom or move the map. It then redraws. It then changes the active sheet to rivers. That, of course, turns the rivers back on.

Or, so I want to delete something on a sheet and then turn off all the sheets except for the sheet I am working on. If the image is redrawn, then it will activate the previous sheet I was working on.


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator

    That sounds weird. It's not supposed to behave that way, and I can't find a way to replicate that behavior here.

    I think it is probably best to send a tech support request here from your registration page.

  • It doesn't matter 99% of the time because if you have a tool selected, when I go to use it, then it will place things on the correct sheet.

    If you are trying to replicate it, then create a sheet for trace and then import an image. Start making a map. At some point, hide the trace sheet and then go place symbols or something. Do this while zoomed in on a region. Then use your mouse wheel to scroll out. That usually does it for me.

    Another way is instead of zoom, is to turn out sheet effects so it redraws.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator
    edited November 11

    OK. I think I found what you are seeing. Does this match what you are doing?

    1. Your current sheet is the one you're going to hide in a moment
    2. You start placing symbols. This causes CC3+ to automatically (and temporarily) switch to the SYMBOLS sheet
    3. You hide the sheet from 1. while you still have a symbol at your cursor
    4. You stop placing symbols.

    If this is the case, this behavior is by design. Tools that places things on specific sheets need to temporarily switch to this sheet, but to avoid breaking your workflow and ending up confused why you suddenly was on a different sheet, it will switch back to the sheet you were on when you end that command (stop placing symbols, end the drawing tool, etc). The sheet is then made active immediately, but because there isn't an automatic redraw, you just don't see it immediately when it was hidden. So it isn't the redraw that restores it, but it is at the point of the redraw you will notice it, but if you look at the status bar, you'll se that it has become the active sheet already before you to the redraw.

  • It happens with more than symbols. It is almost right.

    1. I have all sheet visible
    2. I click a sheet (say symbols)
    3. I hide a sheet (say trace)
    4. The sheet I want to work on if active and I am working on it
    5. I zoom out or turn effects on/off
    6. The sheet I hid turns back on
  • This time:

    1. Had all the sheets on
    2. Placed Trees, which went to the Symbols Tree
    3. The Symbols Tree sheet was active. I clicked on it
    4. I hid all the sheets except for the Symbols Tree - which is the one that listed as active and I clicked on
    5. I went to sort symbols in map
    6. The Trace sheet came back on.
  • jslaytonjslayton Mapmaker Moderator, ProFantasy

    It looks like if you enter symbol placement mode to start placing symbols (may do things like temporarily switching to another sheet), then change the sheet configuration (hide sheets, etc.), and then perform an action that requires stopping the symbol placement mode, the logic to undo the symbol placement mode will put you back on the original sheet.

    The quick test would be to do what you did above and then press the Esc key to terminate symbol placement mode before changing the sheet configuration and then click on the symbol catalog to start placing symbols again.

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