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I am trying to trace an outline map. I have found various threads here. I am trying to use Insert File so I can then trace what I have inserted. Each time I try CC+ crashes. I click Dray>Insert File.

I select my file.bmp and click Open. The next thing that happens is CC+ just closes.

Am I doing something wrong? Any help or advise would be appreciated.



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  • jslaytonjslayton Mapmaker Moderator, ProFantasy
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    So it's not that the image is too large.

    The file dimensions indicates that a bmp file should be about 1MB, 3MB, or 4 MB to be in a format that CC3+ can recognize as a Windows Bitmap (.bmp) file. Maybe it's in one of the obscure .bmp variants that CC3+ can't recognize or just has an unexpected file type (that is, it's a JPEG file that was saved with a .bmp extension).

    Can you open the file in something like MS Paint and save it as a new file of type PNG, then try to insert that new .PNG file? JPEG would also work, but you might lose some detail that way.

    Bruce Pilcher


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