help. struggling to readjust border/coastline size on continents.

i have had to rescale my continents several times to fit them into the map frame. each time i do the continent borders scale down or up with the individual continent, leaving the continents with varying border/coastline thickness. i want them all to be the same size.

so i select change properties, then select my continents, but when i try to set the line width to 1 in order to standardize border thickness for all of them, my continents vanish...leaving only the border outline. if someone can help plz do, this has become remarkably frustrating.

ps: an example in case im not explaining properly. i make a tiny green island with blue borders/coastline, then scale it to huge continent size, but the blue borders grew with the island making them very very thick. how do i make them normal size again? setting line width to 1 only makes my continent disappear while thick outline remains for some reason.


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