WIP - A Darklands River City

Wanted to do a Darklands City map for quite a while, but for some reasons I've always been struggling with the style. Now It looks like it finally clicked.

Borrowed crates and fountains from City Streets and boats from Fantasy Town.

Will post the larger version as soon as it's complete.

Update: Detail shot of the relatively complete southeastern part of the city:

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  • Moving ahead - thanks again for solving my merge-layer issues, @Loopysue

    Might still change the name, though this one's starting to grow on me.

    The Northern city is pretty much complete now.

    Will fill up the rest of the South - planning a larger stable / cart storage area for travelling merchants.

    Then it's just final markings and finishing touches.

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  • Given that the "moat" around the city walls comes from the river and thus will have a flow, it might be a good idea to put a mill on one side and/or the other to make use of the power. Also, sewage disposal may be an issue: just in the river or in the moats as well?
  • @DaltonSpence Good Points. Was thinking about mills earlier - also considering one or two windmills outside of the city. Will add what fits in best.

    In regards to sewage, the city has sewers going into the river. Currents in the moat might not be strong enough.

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    First of all, that's a really nice looking map.

    It could compromise the defensive benefit of the walls and moat to have a mill (or any other structure) too close.

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    @NZgunner Completely agree. No climbing opportunity for would-be besiegers next to the walls.

    Added two windmills for the grain and a place for merchants to park their carts and let their horses/ oxen get some rest.

    Here's the final version:

    And a detail shot of the updated market and "merchant parking" area

    Update: Large version in the gallery, as usual.

    Update 2: The area east of the market was still a little unfinished, so I added a few details

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