The Harvest Moon Motel - a floorplan attempt

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Wanted to try around with the "modern" floor plans a bit. This is based on a real motel floor plan that we once used for a World of Darkness Game.

Overall I'm not the biggest fan of the floor plan styles. They could use more symbols and some textures appear to be very low resolution. I ended up rescaling the indoor textures and using Darklands City and Creepy Crypts for some outdoor textures.

Will try creating a lighted night version next.

A larger version is in my gallery.

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    And here it is. Enjoy your stay.

    Update: Moved the grid sheet so that it is below the "Map Name Sign".

    If you have any other suggestions for improvements, please tell.

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  • There should be an office where guests can check in (maybe an outside window with counter), a utility room with water heater and HVAC (ducts and plumbing down the center aisle) and may a vending machine or two somewhere to serve the guests.
  • Out of curiosity, did you have to paint the road/parking lines by hand? Or was there some tool to use?

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    @JulianDracos Kind of both: There are drawing tools and a sheet for road lines (with a slight edge fade effect).

    The "dashed line tool" did not work properly for me, so I drew one dash and copied it, to draw the road middle line.

    For the parking lines, I drew a single line with the tool, then copied them while having the "ortho"-box at the bottom of the creen checked, so they were aligned.

    @DaltonSpence Most of that is included:

    • The Check in Office is at the western side of the building, near the "green carpet"-entrance. You can see the light shining through the counter window in the night version.
    • A room with vending machines, washing machines and dryers is to the South of the Check in Office. The three dark boxes emitting a faint light at night are the vending machines, the light boxes are washing machines and dryers.
    • There's some appliance boxes in the central corridor, but there should be more, and a central heating/ utilities room would make sense - I was a bit puzzled there was none in the original plan.
    • Thanks a lot for pointing out that I had forgotten the heaters...😏 will correct and see what I can do about utilities.


    Added heaters, installation in the central corridor and some additional furniture:

    I've also updated the gallery images.

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