A small cave complex for a side quest

Experimenting with SS2 again for a small cave complex. Need to work on exporting the maps, things like the worn path in the cave floor and the water foam come out much darker on export as a jpeg. The ground cover gets rather blurred as well.

Need to dig up the sheet acne solution as well for the filler.

The rising water has trapped the leader of a goblin hunting party in the cave because he's slowly becoming a vampire spawn. The goblin tribe asks our intrepid heros to lay him to rest.... what could possibly go wrong?

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  • What texture are you using for the packed earth - cave walls and how is it scaled?

    It looks like the earth texture might be a scaling issue, and not "sheet acne".

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 37 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    TA usually has a set pattern like a matrix of dots. I think the issue is probably with the pattern of the fills. Try making that dirt-like texture less transparent in the middle to hide the pattern of the stone underneath it.

  • Thank you Sue, I'll do that.

  • @EukalyptusNow, I'll try changing the scaling. I had not thought of that. I've played with the fill & transparency as Sue suggeste and it keeps acting like it is an acne issue.

  • Sounds like a plan.

    If it's now a scaling issue, you can try putting a single colour sheet directly beneath the "Acne"-sheet and see if that fixes the issue where it is.

  • Jeff BJeff B 🖼️ 37 images Surveyor Betatester

    Is one of the fills your using the semi transparent ones with holes between the colors ie dirt t color. If you are the acne can be from the setting your using in the effects. try turning the effects off for that sheet and see what happens. It does look like your using one of those fills as I have had a similar issue with those when using effects.

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    Silly question / thought / suggestion from a newbie, but have you tried other formats too, like PNG or TIFF? May help get you the quality you are looking for too.

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  • I did drop in a solid sheet between the cave stone and dirt layers. It helps but the different fill patterns are just not cooperating. Part of the issue comes and goes when applying a Blend effect to the uper most "dirt fill" sheet. I think I will revisit this map and use a differnt strategy to build up the different features like the cliff face, rock cave walls and the bulk fill area by changing the order of the sheets.

    I did try a .png file print at the same level of map size and resolution and it looks about the same....and uses ~10x as much memory. It was worth trying though.

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    Wait a minute! The entire cave floor is cobblestone?!? I'd go with dirt or gravel if not plain rock in the passages and only the main chambers with man-made flooring. Maybe a few torches in strategic places for lighting. I noticed someone walking in from outside would have to get their feet wet. Does this mean the cave system is mainly accessed by boat? If it is supposed to be secret a stone door at the river entrance would work. Maybe a hidden trap in the "foyer" would be good security. (What can I say, you say caves, I see dungeons.  ;) )
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  • Hi Daltonspence

    All good points. The cobblestone floor is intentional, there's a backstory to the cave that accounts for it. It's there to somewhat confuse the players. Yes, the players will get their feet wet, the stream is 3 feet deep at the entrance and the throat of the tunnel is only 5 feet tall. To most it would appear to be only the mouth of a buried spring which feeds a stream. In reality, the stream is there to ensure the vampire spawn trapped in the cave can't escape. It is not intended to be a secret door. I like the trap idea in the foyer, I think I will include one.

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