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Style Request: Modern, ScFi, Futuristic, Overland-City- Floorplan symbols

I would like to request symbol sets with more modern content. We really need overland symbols with modern structure, skyscrapers, oil rigs, towers, launch facilities etc.. We also need city building to represent a more modern feel of maps for those of us that do game in modern or futuristic times. It would also be nice to get more modern content for floorplans and dungeons beyond the symbol set 2 collection.

MonsenScottAJimPQuentenWazzebuJulianDracosEukalyptusNowRicko Hascheadelia hernandezItalo Dudeand 1 other.


  • I would also like to point out that symbol set 3 modern looks really dated. I mean it is OK if you are trying to go for maybe a 1980's look, but it certainly looks way out of date both in terms of the symbols used, but also the color and quality.

    Ricko HascheEukalyptusNow
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