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WIP - My New World - Myrrhina

Hi all,

I am working through trying to build a world with CC3+ (I am a newbie), and coming up with a lot of questions, so figure it might be easier to keep it all in one thread. :)

Please be patient with me. :)

Attached is the continent I am working on at the moment. I am happy with what i have thus far (and still a gazillion more things to do). I already have the world (built using the world builder annual) and am now working on continents. I will then work on countries, cities, places of interest, etc, so taking a top down approach. Yes it will take a long time, but helps me learn. :)

The issue I have at the moment is trying to get the text to be nice and clear. What I am trying (hoping) to do is to be able to read the text while zoomed out at continent level (including river names). I will add mountain range names, major cities and that might be about as far as it goes for this size map. I have tried to do what Ralf did in the last live mapping video, but it still looks out of focus. If I zoom in on the text, it is nice and clear, just seems to lose clarity the further out I zoom. Below is the continent zoomed out and then a zoomed in selection showing it clearly. It doesnt seem to matter if I have sheet effects on or off.

Attaching the fcw file as well if that helps as it stands right now.

And if you do open the file, yes I am still trying to get my head around sheets and layers and what should be on what sheet, so that will likely be confusing to any that do open it! You have been warned! :)


  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 35 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    Hi hsv :)

    I thought at first that it was just a lack of sheet effects, but some of the sheet effects were a bit too large so I reduced them to a more sensible size for you and made sure the map will open in future with the effects turned on.

    When you open the Sheets and Effects dialog in a map there is a check box at the top called Activate Sheet Effects. That needs to be checked for effects like glows, shadows and blurs to be visible.

    Of course, now you can see them you may decide to edit them, or others might offer better options, so I've called it repair - sue version. I also moved a few things onto the right sheet.

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    Thanks Sue, I did warn that it was likely a little bit of a mess. 😊 Unfortunately having the effects on or off did not seem to help clear up the text.

    Does anyone think it is possible in CC for the scale and if so any suggestions please? Happy to try out stuff as it also helps me learn more and more of what this beast is capable of. The "beast" being the application not me. 😋

    As a reference I am using this map from to help me understand the level of detail that you could expect on a continental map. The text is obviously very clear, albeit it small but still legible. Admittedly it is very likely a high quality picture of a printed map and was just trying to emulate the same or similar in CC. 😊

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 35 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    You can edit the size of effects by picking the effect in the effects panel and hitting the Edit button on the right there. So if the glow isn't big enough you can make it bigger, or more intense.

    Not sure what you mean by the scale.

  • Thanks Sue, I will give that a go! What I meant is scale of the map is very large, i.e. about 4000 x 2000 miles so was wondering if that might be the reason why the text is not as clear as I am hoping, i.e. the text is not scaling appropriately. I may play around with the text properties as well some more. :)

  • Yes, sometimes the default for the text doesn't work on all of my maps. So I make the text much larger in the 'Text Specs' on the right side. Then place one bit of text on the map. If it isn't the correct size so it is readable, I type 'edit' and edit the text, click on properties, and in there adjust the text size. Click on Okay, click on the next okay. And compare the text to the map size.

    Continue until it works.

  • Thanks Jim, I will play around with those settings a bit today and see how I go! :)

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    It also depends on what look you want. I’m working on a large map (3500 x 2400 miles) and I’m using smaller fonts as I want them visible in a high res version when zoomed in but in standard res version don’t really care if the text is readable. As the text is a distraction from the map it self if the text size is readable.

    personnel choice as to what your looking for and what you want to bring attention to. The text or map it self.

    With that said it is possible to find a happy medium for text size depending on the size of the map.

    choice of font and color makes a big difference also. Don’t be afraid to use a more readable font for small text like on your borders. It doesn’t have to match the more fancy text your using for the other areas.

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