The latest CC3+ update is 28 (version 3.98, released June 1st 2022). Download it from your Registration page.

Random Street Resets to Default

I am using the city builder tools to create a gothic style city. i am trying to use the random street tool to fill in the holes along roads but i noticed there wasn't a gothic option so i tried to make one. I created a new option using house settings set everything to CD3 A Gothic changes some colors and other options hit "OK" and tried to lay down the buildings using the tools. The tool places buildings that were not remotely close to what i had selected. i figured i messed something up so i went back in and messed with the house settings again saved everything and tried to use the tool again. still the houses placed did not match my settings. i checked and it looks like the template is resetting to the defaults for CDC3C Wooden and Fantasy which i think is the settings i had selected when i went in and modified the settings for the gothic option i created. can someone please let me know what i'm doing wrong?



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