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Playing with Creepy Crypts

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I am creating a night time encounter in a graveyard for a VTT game and LoopySue's Creepy Crypts is turning out to be awesome for the task. I just realized that we never asked for any corpses so I had to raid DD3+ for my dead body. This is WIP, plenty more details to add but I wanted to share and see if there were any suggestions from the community. Map without the shadow effect on is down below

And without the night time effects


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  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 35 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    Looks good, Ede - glad you are finding it useful :)

  • I would put short gravel paths between the entrances to the seven crypts in the western loop and the flagstone path surrounding them. (Dirt paths might suffice but only for those crypts that are frequently visited.) I imagine each crypt would belong to a different family so descriptions of their interrelationships could make for interesting backstories. I'm also curious about the light sources for the nighttime view because some areas seem more illuminated than others.
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    Thank you DaltonSpence. Excellent points. The intent is to assign the different crypts to specific families.

    Good question about the lighting. Some of it is just for effect otherwise the whole thing would be too dark. I can adjust the Global Sun shadow to make the shadow lighter everywhere but I did it this way to focus the attention of the encounter to specific parts of the Graveyard at first.

    Lights at the gates on the RHS are intended to be from laterns which are integral to the gate posts. There is a small fire next to a grave NW of the that gate. The fire is dying since the owner was killed shortly before the party arrives. The fog has an eldrich glow (the world's cheapest out for a GM who needs light) and the lion statue casts a radiance that prevents the dead within it's radius from rising.... it also adds a small amount of "holy light"

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    Nice map. I can see the background pattern in the map try changing the scale of the background to make the pattern less visible in the image. You can also break up the pattern by adding patches of different terrain types like different grass or dirt patches.

  • Jeff B, Thank you. The map does currently have that issue, excellent thought.

  • DaltonSpenceDaltonSpence Surveyor
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    A good explanation of the lighting. Is the large building near the north gate just another crypt or an on-site office/residence for the cemetery's management/staff? If the former there should be an equipment shed (maybe in the northwest corner) for the ground's keepers and grave diggers; otherwise the equipment should be kept in the main building.
  • I was planning to make it the most impostant crypt. I should consider a caretaker's residence & equipment shed. It is consistent with the setting. Thanks. These are all great suggestions

  • cemeteries are always cool

    Like their occupants...⚰️💀👻

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